16 Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Contestants{Official}

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Contestants: The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 was a huge hit and memorable as the legendary actor was its Host. Although he is busy with his newly established political party and upcoming films he decided to host the season 2 as it makes him closer to the Audience. It’s enough and now its time to discuss the Season 2 contestants who will be officially announced on the welcome episode.

No need to say again that according to Bigg boss rules All the list of contestants will be officially announced during the welcome episode by sending them into the house.

Interesting Facts regarding the selections:

  • No housemate will know about other members of the house as it’s a maintained secret.
  • Contestants names will be sent one by one into the house in the welcome episode.
  • No members had special privileges as per their status.
  • One can leave away the house and he/she can be considered as an eliminated housemate.
  • All of sudden, Family and close friends of the housemates are allowed into the house for once during the show i.e during the last weeks of the season.
  • No one should share the matter which was discussed between Bigg boss and the contestant
  • The second season of Bigg Boss (Tamil) has started off in style on Sunday. The first season had begun without any hope but at the end, it went on to become as one of the most watched Tamil television shows in Tamil, thanks to their trump card Oviya. This year, Kamal Haasan introduced all the sixteen contestants yesterday including the glam actress Yaashika Anand (Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu) who is the just 18 years old and youngest among all. The other contestants are comedy actors Senrayan, Daniel Annie Pop, actor turned television anchor Balaji and his separated wife Nithya, actresses Janani Iyer, Riythvika, Mumtaz, Iswarya Dutta, Uma Riyaz’s son Hariq Haasan, Mahat, stuntman turned villain actor Ponnambalam, radio jockey Vaishnavi ,TV anchor Mamathi Chari, singer Ramya NSK and voice trainer Ananth Vaidyanathan. Interestingly, Oviya has also entered the house as a guest but people inside the house still think that she is one of the contestants of the season 2. Evaluating the potential of the contestants, we guess Yaashika Anand is likely to be controversy girl of this season and she could be the next Oviya. Both Balaji and his wife Nithya have openly said that they entered the house just to prove that individually they are not wrong. According to Balaji, Bigg Boss Season 2 is an opportunity for him to rebound with his wife and get back to his kid Poojitha so this angle will be used to gain TRP. Mumtaz is also a strong contestant and she could be this season’s Namitha. Mamathi Chari is an interesting choice, she pleasantly treats people but the real characters of the other contestants would change her personality so let’s wait and watch. No one expected a senior vocal expert like Ananth Vaidyanathan to be in the show, it would be tough for him to do the physically demanding task in the show. There is a jail inside the Bigg Boss house for contestants who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the show. Kamal Haasan has revealed that there is no elimination for the first week but the contestants are not aware of this fact. As usual, the Vishwaroopam actor’s hosting style is filled with his majestic tone and satire. When Riythvika said that none of her films released in the last eight months and she wants to make sure that people don’t forget her, Kamal said “Oh, you also have the same problem’ and brought the roof down. Kamal’s comment on the real jail without any luxury (targeting Sasikala) and swimming pool which is filled with chlorinated water for the rich people too got a good response on the social media. The actor said that he would be using the platform to convey his ideologies and openly accepted his selfishness which would also help the general public in the future. Fans on the social media are quite excited with the commencement of the season of Bigg Boss, it looks after IPL, this one is going to be the biggest entertainment for them.